How to Grow back Your Hair in 4 weeks flat

Everybody,men and women love to have strong,healthy,thick hair.  Even if most men shave theirs most of the time,it is better than no hair.

For women, hair is an extension of their beauty and the longer especially the hair length for our black sisters, the better and more beautiful they feel.  No woman would feel completely beautiful minus her hair.

African hair has been touted as the most versatile type in terms of styling it in any way possible be it afro plaiting, corn rowing, weaving, perming, dreadlocks, etc.

This constant pushing and pulling has had its drawbacks and caused millions of women the world over to lose hair especially baby hair which is on their hairlines.

And for this reason, I have delved into hair regrowth as an answer to this problem to give hope to women and also men that have undergone premature balding.

The first step is your diet.  What are you eating? If your aim  is to grow hair, monitor your diet carefully.  Foods like fish, cabbage, spinach, eggs, chicken, broccoli, etc are good for stimulating hair growth. These foods are not very hard to find as most of them are found in our gardens or easily found at our green groceries.

You can make simple hair masks at home to accelerate hair growth.  You can take one avocado fruit, mash it, mix with one egg yolk and apply to shampooed hair and rinse out after 30 minutes.  Alternatively you can take two egg yolks, mix with one lemon, mix and apply to clean hair and then rinse after half an hour.

Learn to relax your body.  You cannot solve all the problems in your family or the world.  Once you have done your part, relax and give your body a vote of thanks by taking a siesta once in a while.

Massage your scalp often.Its said that just a five minute massage can accelerate hair growth by simulating hair growth on your head.

Make use of the oils like castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.  You can mix any two of this oils and gently massage in your hair atleast one a week for faster hair growth.



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